3D Macaw is a Studio specialized in animation VFX, and video game design.
We offer online training, assets creation and consultancy in all aspects of a CG production.

Macaw Training Centre founded in 2013, specialices in animation, vfx and game design courses for students and professionals. Our goal is to provide high quality education and resources accessible online anywhere and anytime.

Macaw Moving pictures is the department in charge of assets, and process creation for animation, film and tv shows. We can help your project be on time and on budget. Some of our services are, scripts, storyboards, 2d and 3d animation, pre viz, crowd simulation, vfx, video and audio editing and compositing.

Macaw Interactive is in charge for the design and creation of optimized assets, resources and process for videogame development for iOS, android, html, pc, and consoles. Feel free to ask us for assistance when creating interactive experiences.