3D Macaw is a Studio specialized in VFX, video game design and animation courses and production.
We offer online training, assets creation and consultancy in all aspects of a CG production.

Macaw Training Centre

Specialises in vfx , game design and animation courses for students and professionals.

Our goal is to provide high quality education and resources accessible online anywhere and anytime.

We offer foundation courses that cover drawing techniques, animation principles, introduction to 3d, digital sculpture, and we also have intermediate and advance courses on Zbrush, texturing inn substance painter,rigging, character animation, and particles un Maya, visual effects and video compositing in nuke, and 2d and 3d game development in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Macaw Moving pictures

Is the department in charge of assets, and process creation for animation, motion graphics, film and tv shows.

In todays market we understand how important is to be always connected with the client, that is why we not only help your project be on time and on budget, but you can also have 24 hours assistance to track your project. Some of our services are, scripts, voice and audio recording, storyboards, 2d and 3d animation, pre viz, crowd simulation, vfx, video and audio editing, and compositing.

Macaw Interactive

Is in charge for creating video games, interactive experiences and web design.

We design, integrate and create optimised assets, resources and process for video games, e-books, websites and apps for iOS, android, html, pc, and consoles.  Lets us help you integrate inside Unity and Unreal Engine and create amazing  AR and VR experiences.